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Top 5 Ways to Promote Your Job Hunt

Top 5 Ways to Promote Your Job Hunt

Building your brand is important no matter what your job role is. Your resume should be concise, clean and factual. Your LinkedIn profile should mirror that information, and expand on the biggest achievements while in your position. Once that’s in place, then it’s time to start marketing yourself! Here are my top 5 favorite ways to promote my job hunt to my network.

1. Polish That LinkedIn Profile

Read my recent blog on “10 Steps to Prepare Your LinkedIn Profile for a Job Hunt.” It’s the #1 essential tip before starting to promote yourself! Many job applications integrate with your LinkedIn profile, so it’s well worth your time.

2. LinkedIn Job Seeker Premium

Take advantage of LinkedIn’s Job Seeker Premium subscription ($30/month). It’s the best money you’ll ever spend, and most likely will only have to have on for a month or two. It makes your profile appear more frequently in searches, and if you apply via LinkedIn your application will also appear in the top of the pile. Do the same for any other job posting sites related to your profession (i.e. iHireMarketing.com for Marketing professionals).

3. Indeed Alerts

One of my favorite job seeker tools and email alerts is Indeed. I feel that it has the most recent and legitimate jobs out there (unlike some of the ones you’ll find on Craigslist, for example). Turn on a search within 10 miles of your home, as well as 25 miles so you don’t miss out on any big opportunities that might be worth commuting for.

4. Online Profiles

Fill out profiles with recruiters in your related field. Marketing recruiters I like are MondoThe Creative GroupThe LaddersRobert HalfAquentVitamin T, etc. Believe it or not, but I got an interview and job offer based on my profile that I had updated on one of these sites without even applying to the job. And it doesn’t hurt to do CareerBuilder, Monster, Indeed, etc.

5. Provide Examples

Create a PowerPoint of your accomplishments in a given position, and then use SlideShare to connect it to your LinkedIn profile. That way you’ll have a hyperlink to email out with applications, and you won’t be sending any files. Another option (for more creative positions) would be to create an online portfolio of your work. Wix and SquareSpace are user-friendly sites that you can easily create a website for yourself.

6. BONUS TIP: Write a Blog!

Just like the one you’re reading, it’s easy to write a blog about your experiences and insights. Once your alerts are turned on and your profile is set, write an article on LinkedIn and publish to your network. It’ll get a whole new set of eyeballs on your profile. :)

Glazed Maple Cola Ham

Glazed Maple Cola Ham

10 Steps to Prepare Your LinkedIn Profile for a Job Hunt

10 Steps to Prepare Your LinkedIn Profile for a Job Hunt