The Author

As a parent to a funny and creative five-year-old girl and energetic two-year-old boy, Stacy Brown creates her children’s books based on her experiences as a mom. Her books combine the enjoyment of reading and learning with the excitement of coloring and drawing (right in the books!).

Her passion for art and design come from her mother, an elementary art teacher and artist. Growing up with minimal TV time and endless creative activities helped shape Stacy’s career as a marketing professional and graphic designer.

Squirmy Wormy

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Creative Outlets

Simple creative activities are some of the most important building blocks in child development. Studies show that learning art correlates strongly with higher achievement in math and science. 

And as we all know, reading out loud to your child is widely recognized as the single most important activity leading to language development. Children develop literacy skills and an awareness of language long before they are able to read. By simply reading to your children, you are helping them acquire the skills they need to be ready for school. 

So bust out the crayons and read with your child - you won't regret a second of it!

Stacy Brown

Momtrepreneur, mom of two, dog lover, graphic designer, marketing communications manager, blogger, wife, author, Cheesehead.