The Books

It all started with a cupcake....and reading way too many boring books to my toddler! I started creating my counting, coloring, and drawing books to combine my love of reading with my love of creative activities.

By allowing children to draw and color in the books, it removes the barriers and rules and allows the child to really open up and express themselves! My kids love seeing their drawings in the books and take pride in being a part of completing the books. So as we read the books at night we can discuss what a great job they did being an active part of the book's creation.

Let's Count Series

After creating her first book, Let's Count Cupcakes, Stacy continued to write out the series of books with different themes and characters. You can find all of the books for sale on Amazon, and even Spanish versions as well! Click on a book above to view more pages inside.

Squirmy Wormy

Definition of a toddler that won't sit still, jumps on the bed, has a short attention span, and loves hugs.