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6 Must-Do’s Before an Overnight Without the Kids

6 Must-Do’s Before an Overnight Without the Kids

We recently enjoyed a long weekend away from the kids to head to Sonoma, and Grandma was nice enough to babysit. We have a two-year-old boy and a five-year-old girl, so there still are things that they aren’t able to tell her they need. So writing it down is very important! In all the chaos of you leaving, there is no way Grandma is going to remember the things you tell her - or know what you know. So make it easy on her, and ease your mind with these tips!


If schedule is “king” in your house like it is in ours, then it’s important to share that. Eating, naps, baths, bedtime - they’re all routine to you but brand new to your babysitter’s schedule. Make sure you write out a basic outline of a schedule to keep everyone on track. And if it’s during the school year, it’s even more important to get them to school on time and with the gear they need.

  • Do they need a lunch packed?
  • Do they have sports after school and need their gear?
  • Is there a specific book they like to read at night?

Contacts & Directions

As I said before, I have a two-year-old boy. Which means knowing where the closest hospital ER is located is ESSENTIAL. Same for your pediatrician, dentist, grocery store, favorite park, school address - and maybe even the nice neighbor next door who knows how to fix stuff or turn the power back on if they blow a fuse. I know I’d want the information! (And believe me, they’ve all been called before).

Food and Snacks

Help your sitter out by stocking the house full of your kid's favorite snacks, and maybe even leave a little extra money for a pizza party or ice cream out. My kids love Pirate Booty, granola bars, and of course goldfish snacks. I created a grab-and-go snack area in our pantry to help make it even easier for the kids to get what they need too!


Baby Language

Got a toddler too? Then you know their secret language inside and out. But Grandma probably doesn’t! Make sure to leave her a translation list of the top 10 words that you know your child will be screaming out in a panic. She’ll thank you for it.

Movies and TV Shows

Same note here as above. Since we have a toddler, we know that his favorite movie “babies” is actually “Despicable Me 3,” but how would your babysitter know that? Make a list of the top 5 shows that your toddler likes and HOW to find them on your TV. Are they in the recordings? On Netflix or Amazon Video? Maybe even write out the quick steps to find the app on your tv.

Bedtime Tricks

We’ve all got a specific way we do bedtime at night, and we know that there are just a few little tricks that help to make things go more smoothly. Write them out and let everyone have a little peace and quiet at night!  Night light on? Special blanket in hand? Potty break before bed? It’s easy to forget how important the little things are to you littles.


Stacy Brown is a momtrepreneur, mom of two, wife, dog lover, marketing guru, blogger, Cheesehead, and children’s book author. Her children’s books combine the enjoyment of reading and learning with the excitement of coloring and drawing (right in the books)! Her passion for art and design come from her mother, an elementary art teacher and artist. For arts and crafts ideas for kids, visit Stacy’s blog TheSquirmyWormy.com or check out her children’s books on Amazon - counting, coloring and drawing tips for kids!

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