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Create Your Own Book

Create Your Own Book

Today I was able to share my passion as a children's book author and illustrator at my daughter's preschool Career Day. It was magical! We talked about the elements that go into creating a book, and how to develop characters based on real-life experience. And every child got a free coloring pages too!


We talked about how to create a character based on a real object that you love - like cupcakes, cars or snails! I shared with them some of my newest illustrations for my snail book coming out, with all of the different little snails and their differences.


Next, we discussed how we feel and what it looks like if we're mad, sad or happy. We looked at the different yes and mouths that would help show those feelings, and what they would look like on a character's face. 


And lastly, we discussed places that our character could go and what they would do together. We put them in different locations and picked out which friends they would play with. What a fun activity to do together!


Download a free set of coloring pages for your child to create their own snails at home!

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